Where am I?

This page will let you see where we are and in addition, when we are ‘on the move’ it will update every 10 minutes with our latest position.

The page also lets you send a location request if our equipment is turned off and the next time it is turned on you will receive a ping back showing where we are.

Finally, you may also send a message to us wherever we are on our travels and all this is achieved through the Iridium Satellite network which gives entire global coverage.

A review of the Delorme Explorer InReach SE system we are using to achieve this with is on the blog.

You no longer need to request a password from me in order to view the map and the trail.    If there are too many messages I cannot promise to keep up with answering them all but will do my best.  If you want to snd me an email just use the contact form

Hint:  You can also right click on the map and open it in its own full size window (select Open Frame in New Window).

Tracking starts April 4th through 6th for the leg to Antwerp.  Tracking in USA will start fro May 1st.  The blog will be updated as often as I can.