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Kurt "the escort"

Bar Harbor RV Park

3rd and 4th May 2017: Collected the motorhome from Baltimore port with the help of Kurt Mueller (pictured).  Only authorised individuals may enter the dock so you have to pay for an ‘escort’.  Looks like they had problems with the digital door lock and entry, the alarm had gone off several times (Growler from VanBitz with […]

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Stickers provided for doors and lockers around the vehicle

Push Button B

A quick follow up on my Growler alarm installation by Vanbitz (see “Isn’t that a pork pie” earlier).  Excuse the pun but I went the whole hog, Growler alarm, Tracker, Gas sensor alarm and Immobiliser and now I have had it in action for a few weeks it is certainly delivering on all fronts. The […]

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VanBitz 'Driveable' Stand

Didn’t we have a lovely day (2)

NEC Show 2012 Next up and adjacent to RS Motorhomes was one of my favourite gadget stands – Vanbitz. Clearly, they have ‘doing a show’ down to a fine art as their stand is their specially adapted motorhome.  Side up, banners and leaflet stands out and hey presto – instant exhibition. We have their Strikeback alarm […]

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