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Tockwith Caravan Storage

If you can’t keep your motorhome at home, then finding somewhere to store what is probably one of your most expensive and stealable personal assets can be very difficult.  Not only does it seem that space is fairly limited but also you have to consider just how far you are willing to travel every time […]

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Why why not WiFi!

I am just about at the end of my tether with ‘Free WiFi’. It is either very poor in quality or requires some ludicrous procedure to gain access and on top of that, as I have just experienced at an airport, has a 15 minute time limit. Surely, the time has come when Free WiFi […]

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Britstops discussion

SOAPBOX A very interesting discussion about Britstops on  Motorhome Facts and one I felt I had to join in. My view, embrace this amazing opportunity being handed to you by Steve. Don’t sweat about whether to spend money there or not. Join it, support it and that will mean more of these free places to stay […]

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Caravan Club Magazine Cover

Dear Sir, I am outraged…

That’s how it sounds to me every time I read the letters page in the Caravan Club magazine.  I would like to complain about – now perm any one from many: children, no children, dogs, parked too close, too organised, not organised enough.  The other thing I find incredibly infuriating are the letters they publish […]

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