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Roads and Road Users USA

OK – just a quick, get it off my chest, rant.  Having now done around 1500 miles of this journey I really feel the need to comment on the roads and the users thereof. Firstly, the roads so far:  the road from Cleveland to Chicago was toll all the way – not expensive but noticeable. […]

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This Little Piggy

Off topic but close to my heart – this is simple and brilliant – why have I never thought of this?  Multiply your chances of blocked arteries many times but great! And who doesn’t love a bacon sarnie when camping???  

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Motorola 'Twin Set' also available as a quad pack

NEC a bit ho hum?

Probably because I went to Dusseldorf but it is very hard to find or see anything new at these shows.  I get aggravated by the ‘viewing by appointment only’ or ‘only when accompanied by a salesperson’ signs that the higher end manufacturers impose.  I would say it is impossible nowadays for anyone to judge by […]

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Lifetime Guarantee

Spotted this on a US RV site Warranty Forever. Great idea to give a lifetime guarantee (although it does appear to be on YOUR ownership only, so not transferable). If you plan to buy and hold for a number of years which many going into retirement do then this sounds great. It appears to cover […]

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Think of a number

I thought some of you may be interested to know how the Blog is doing.  I know I am, because it takes time to write these posts and all in all it is very pleasing to know that posts are being read and people find them useful.  So, here are the blog numbers for the […]

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