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Search radius and Search naming conventions

App Review #7 ProMobil+

 ProMobil+ available for iPhone, iPad and Android Cost: £3.49 including offline maps Requires Internet Connection: No Looks like ProMobil, works like ProMobil but some major differences. Firstly, the database of sites in Germany and France is available offline. No internet connection required.  For £3.49 this is a bargain in itself. You can update this offline […]

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Site Detail

App Review #6 Pro Mobil

 ProMobil available for iPhone, iPad and Android Cost: FREE Requires Internet Connection: Yes This is another neat site finder map, this time from Germany, which focuses on Stellplatz and Aires. Allow the app to use your current location in ‘Active’ mode and simply set a search radius and hit the button. Sites within the radius […]

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AppReview #5 Alan Rogers

Available for iOS and Android Cost: FREE Internet Connection required: No (but cannot view maps in detail) This is a great App to use when travelling through Europe with little in the way of a plan (that’s you, not the app). We last used it travelling back from Spain to the UK when we had […]

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Poi Viewer

App Review #4 POIViewer

POIViewer available for iPhone and iPad Cost: £2.49 Requires Internet Connection: No Some of you may have read my review ’10 inch SatNav anyone?‘ for CoPilot Live for the iPad which I use all the time in the Motorhome for navigation and rate as a great app and good value. However, it has one major […]

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Range of Supported Formats

App Review #3 iLatLon

iLatLon Available for:  iPhone and iPad (FREE) Requires Internet Connection? NO Ever had that sinking feeling as you look up how to get to somewhere and find that the co-ordinates are in a format you, your SatNav or your best mate have no idea how to interpret?  Many StaNavs will only accept a particular format […]

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App Review #2 Co-orodinate Converter

Coordinate Converter Available for:  iPhone and iPad cost 69p Requires Internet Connection? YES This is another App that elegantly does what it says on the tin.   Enter an address and covert it into co-ordinates which immediately display on a map.  Or, enter coordinates and have it convert them to an address.  The map can […]

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