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RV Companion the MUST HAVE App

I first reviewed this App in July 2015 http://www.annie-and-chris.com/2015/07/04/rv-companion/ I loved it then although it had some missing features and a few bugs at the time.  However, I continued to use some of the App, in particular the Trip log and Campsites were excellent reminders of where we had been and when. There had not […]

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rv companion

RV Companion Update in the works

RV Companion from Creative Logic is one of my favourite ‘apps’ for the motorhome and I last reviewed it here back in 2015.  If you have been following my posts about my travels along Route 66 such as this one you will have seen some neat ‘pin maps’ showing our camp locations since we started our trip […]

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To Do List

App Review #11 RV Companion

I just came across this great app the other day on iOS.  It comes in both a free and paid version with the paid version adding some additional features. This is definitely one of the neatest and best implemented apps for motor homing and has been well crafted so it ‘works as expected’ within the […]

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Where you are and press to call

App Review #10 ADAC App

Price: FREE Availability: iOS & Android Now, here is a very handy App for those of you who are members of ADAC.  I only stumbled across this today.  I have been an ADAC member now for several years although I have never had cause to call them out.  They were the only company that would […]

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Browser view of FollowMee

App Review #9 FollowMee

FollowMee available for iOS and Android Cost: £2.49 to £5.49 Requires Internet Connection: Yes (but only for data upload which can be done later as data is stored offline) What a great App which turns you phone into a tracker and enables you to share your track and location with friends and family. The photo […]

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Aires on a map - hard to spot - the white dots.

App Review #8 Aires Camping Car

 Aires CC available for iPhone and iPad Cost: Free Requires Internet Connection: Yes   One for you Francofiles for sure.  This App focuses solely on French Aires.  It is similar to proMobil in operation.  Either find sites based on your current position or by searching for a town or city.  Then see the results displayed […]

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