National Trust Parking

If you follow the blog you will see that we have a liking for stopping off at National Trust properties during the day (see various links).  Not only are they great places to visit, you can generally find a tea shop for lunch or afternoon tea and often easy parking: which brings me to the purpose of this page…

Our motorhome is 9m (30 feet in old money) and a couple of times we have run into real difficulty in getting in or out (or both) of the parking.  So, below is a map of NT properties we have either visited ourselves (blue markers) or have been recommended by others (yellow pin) as being suitable for a larger vehicle to enter and exit and park up for a visit.  I hope to keep this map updated with an increasing number of places with the help of others so do contact me with additional suggestions.

If it’s a red marker then it is not necessarily an absolute “No No” but read the notes and make your own judgement call.  The red pin represents an opinion only.

Click on a pin for more detail