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Roads and Road Users USA

OK – just a quick, get it off my chest, rant.  Having now done around 1500 miles of this journey I really feel the need to comment on the roads and the users thereof. Firstly, the roads so far:  the road from Cleveland to Chicago was toll all the way – not expensive but noticeable. […]

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This Little Piggy

Off topic but close to my heart – this is simple and brilliant – why have I never thought of this?  Multiply your chances of blocked arteries many times but great! And who doesn’t love a bacon sarnie when camping???  

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General Ecology – a great company

Our Nature Pure from General Ecology is one of our most used motorhome accessories (see this post here) so it was all a bit of a shock when the excellent motorhome fun forum discovered there had been, shall we say, some shenanigans, in the UK by their distributor whereby incorrect cartridges had been supplied for the […]

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Motorola 'Twin Set' also available as a quad pack

NEC a bit ho hum?

Probably because I went to Dusseldorf but it is very hard to find or see anything new at these shows.  I get aggravated by the ‘viewing by appointment only’ or ‘only when accompanied by a salesperson’ signs that the higher end manufacturers impose.  I would say it is impossible nowadays for anyone to judge by […]

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