Date of Stay 29th March 2018: Going North from Amsterdam this would be our next one night stay.  I knew nothing about it other than that it had a ‘Ship in Bottle’ museum with over 1,000 examples of these little miracles and a short video showing how it is done.  In terms of unusual museums this definitely ranks alongside the Vacuum Museum  and ‘Nutcrackers through the years‘ from my earlier posts.

Enkhuizen itself is very pretty but be warned, the streets are VERY narrow (as I found out too my cost catching the rear end on a concrete post).  So, don’t try and drive in.  There is a lovely spot for half a dozen motorhomes on the harbour adjacent to the train station) with a charge of just €11 a night and a great view.

Enkhuizen is a little Dutch gem and well worth a visit.  Motorhome parking location in the map below.

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