The Scores on the Doors

If you have been following the blog you will have seen something of our amazing journey and very special time away touring North America.  Now, looking back, how on earth can it be summed up in a single post?

The nuts, bolts and numbers are the easiest bit so for those of you who like the stats, here they are:

In total, we spent 149 nights away in the motorhome and travelled 15,490 miles around North America in that time.  Cost per mile in diesel was consistent and averaged around 19c (15p) per mile – should have been less but the exchange rate was very poor during our time away, thanks to Brexit!

Total campsite costs came to US$5,406 – an average of just over $36 per night.  However, that was after 24 free nights (either at Walmarts or staying with friends).  This makes the ‘real’ average campsite night cost just over $43 per night. The highest single night cost was $94 with California in general being the most expensive state on the trip, including being charged $60 just for parking at Santa Monica Pier (see End of the Trail blog post).

Where did we go and where did we stay?  Well, the pins below show all our stop overs and we started in Baltimore and finished in Nova Scotia so you can pretty much see the outline of our route in a clockwise direction from Chicago and back and then across into Canada and Nova Scotia.


Warning, cheesy post alert 😀

So, what, for me, were the highlights?  I guess my top five moments would be:

The Deep Roots Music festival and specifically Lennie Gallant, Searching for Abegweit.

Seeing a Grizzly Bear (twice) in Yellowstone.

Sitting on a dock by a lake in Baysville with a friend drinking wine and solving the problems of the world.

Meeting some great people in California who will remain friends in the future

Sitting on a rock at Mirror Lake 50 years on

However, better than ALL of the above, was sharing the majority of the journey with my 14 year old grandson.  We did Route 66 and walked the painted desert together. He shot guns in Vegas (not sure his mother will forgive me) and have a shared experience that will last two lifetimes.

What have I learnt?  It’s actually not about the journey, or the destination – it’s all about the people, old and new friends and of course, family.

My Grandson at the Grand Canyon – just grand!




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  1. J October 3, 2017 at 1:04 am #

    Liked your summary especially where people feature in your travels. Great to think that you have given many people a lot of pleasure, thank you from us.

    • ceejayt October 3, 2017 at 5:37 am #

      That’s kind. Glad you enjoyed the ride

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