Niagara Falls

August 23rd to 27th 2017:  America is a big country!  I definitely understand this now having driven from Mount Rushmore to Niagara across South Dakota. This has to be the most dull 1,000 mile plus drive on the world.  Flat and straight on and on is the only way to describe it.

First stop was at  at Siding RV Park,  This is a 6 room motel with an RV park alongside just off the freeway in South Dakota.  Very friendly but with nothing to do for miles around 😀

Second stop was a freebie at a Walmart in Sandusky and then at  Perry Township Campground, where a super friendly owner let us camp on her lawn outside her house for $20 because the park was full.  This was on the shores of Lake Erie and just beautifully peaceful.

On the lawn overlooking Lake Erie

Sunset over the lake at Perry Township Campground

We also stayed at KOA Niagara ($59 for a patch of grass with no facilities) and another freebie at Walmart Niagara Falls (US side).  Unfortunately, we needed an extra night in Niagara as I had managed to have a slight accident with the Motorhome catching the step on a concrete block and bending it completely out of shape so it no longer worked.

The vehicle spent a day at Good Guys Automotive Transmissions where they said they could “fix anything except a broken heart” and true to their word they bent it all back into shape and got it working. They also gave us a ride into town and collected us again and we spent the time sightseeing the Falls and riding the Maid of the Mist. So, despite the $410 repair bill, a good time was had by all!

Sioux Falls was one of the more interesting moments ion this leg of the journey and The MouseHouse CheeseHaus (see featured image) does some of the best sandwiches you will find anywhere – highly recommended.

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