Mount Rushmore 

August 18th to 22nd 2017: The Eastbound journey continues as we travel towards Mount Rushmore. We stop on the way at Yellowstone River Campground the first night. It gives you a sense of the sheer size of Yellowstone that we left Grizzly RV Park at the West Gate and drove most of the day to still be in touching distance of the park.  The second stopover was at Wayside RV Park (at Broadus – still in Montana after two days driving) literally in the middle of nowhere and the only campground within 100 miles either way.  Very uninteresting landscape and driving.

We arrived at KOA Mount Rushmore on the 20th for a two night stay. Another well organised but expensive ($73.50 per night)  site but again good facilities including UTV hire with 30 miles of trails in the hills.  The site runs its own bus up to Mount Rushmore each evening when at around 8pm they have a presentation and also light up the four presidential heads.  Worth seeing but almost seems like a religious experience for some of the Americans attending – I guess we are just reserved English people and we certainly don’t react the same way to our `National Anthem in the way they do.   

As we arrived and wall up through the avenue …

And later that evening


Great fun on the trails – saw gophers and deer…


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