August 14th to 18th 2017: Thank heaven for Starbucks.  I have been trying to get this next blog up for about three weeks but just not enough connection speed in all that time.

Leaving the Bratwurst and Thompson Falls behind we continued on toYellowstone stopping overnight on the way at Townsend Canyon KOA.   It’s over 600 miles from Leavenworth so we needed the break. The KOA was everything you would expect but we didn’t make much use of the facilities.

We arrived at Grizzly RV park Yellowstone on the 15th pre booked for three nights at $64 per night.  Great site with good facilities, very close to the West entrance to the park and within walking distance of the town.  Very touristy as you would expect and with lots of choices for places to eat.

The campsite can arrange park tours and we booked for both days – one on the ‘lower loop’ and the other on the ‘upper loop’. Even though you could drive it yourself I would highly recommend taking the bus.  These tours were excellent, small group with very knowledgable drivers. You can see from the photos below we saw some great wildlife and of course classic sights such as the Old Faithful geyser.

We were lucky enough to see a grizzly bear with a cub on day one and a grizzly bear on an elk carcass on day two but both times very distant so okay with binoculars but sadly not a photo opportunity.  Still a big tick on the wildlife list!

Hard to choose just a few photos from the hundred or more taken over the two days but hopefully a flavour of the time below…

From the sublime…

To the ridiculous!




Three! Old Faithful worth waiting for!

The pure blue colour is because the temperature of the water is too hot for bacteria to survive and then simply reflects the sky.


Yellowstone has its own Grand Canyon

Liberty Cap – a now defunct geyser – I see a face in here

Back on the road to Mount Rushmore and giant Presidents heads.

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