Catch Up!

No posts for 12 days!  Couple of reasons: firstly, our stay in Olympic State Park was practically devoid of internet and then, we went into Canada where I am yet to find a suitable data plan that will work while we are there.  More on that when I have a solution.

So, there are a few posts to follow to catch up on the last couple of weeks but in the meantime, perhaps a short summary of the trip.

As I write this, we have reached Montana and tomorrow we will be in Yellowstone for the first of three nights.  The latest pin map of our stays is below (the blue dot, our current location):

We have just passed day 100 in the motorhome and have traveled just over 10,500 miles at this point since leaving Baltimore – rather more than we originally planned.  We have also now decided to return ourselves and the motorhome from Halifax, Nova Scotia (first taking in Prince Edward Island) rather than Baltimore as originally planned.

The tracker link to follow us live on a daily basis (or see the tracks from earlier days) remains the same – click this link. or visit the Where am I web page on the blog

Hopefully I can get back on track with the updates from here on in for.a while at least.


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