The best laid plans

At Santa Barbara Pier

Are the ones that can be changed!

July 7th to 9th 2017:  Our visit to Yosemite Pines resulted in striking up a friendship with some lovely people from Southern California (although one of them had once pretended to be Swedish to get on The Price is Right – but that’s another story).

They said that if we were passing we would be welcome to visit with them and with three days to kill and only three hundred and fifty miles to travel we decided that perhaps we could be ‘just passing’ and rolled up in Camarillo just North of LA on Friday evening in time to go out for a Mexican dinner.

The following day, Saturday, we went with their family and their boat to Castaic Lake and enjoyed several hours of messing about in the water.  They then also organised for us to go four wheel driving in their jeeps in the evening after a visit to the pizza place.  Pretty much the perfect day out!

Sunday saw a drive to Santa Barbara with lunch on the pier and in the evening a brilliant Sushi restaurant.  So this blog is a BIG THANK YOU to Sam and Marianne for treating us so well and entertaining us so brilliantly for the weekend.

We had the opportunity of getting the drone out for the four wheel driving and the little compilation below will give you an idea of our time on the lake and our fun with the jeeps.  Going almost 700 miles out of our way to be ‘just passing’ was definitely worth it and only some video can give you an idea of what a great time we had.

The tracker route map shows our criss crossing of California to date since leaving Vegas.  Next up we go back towards Yosemite and then get back on our planned route to Portland, Oregon.

InReach Tracker Map

If you want to follow us on the tracker this is the URL – it is updated every 10 minutes whilst we are travelling and you can message us directly as well.

We are currently at Morro Dunes RV Park resting and recovering from a hectic weekend!



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