Big Sur

No internet for many days!

June 23rd 2017: Big Sur RV Campground – because of the landslide on Big Sur which had completely closed the road we had to make quite a big detour through Salinas in order to come down from North to South along the coast arriving eventually at the Campground just one mile from the land slip.

Wooded campground next to a river – no cell or internet service (again).  But very friendly and we stayed a couple of nights.  Not a lot else to say about the site itself.  The drive along Big Sur which is as close to the coast as you can get has some dramatic views and the engineering to create the necessary bridges is pretty impressive.

You can get pretty close to the edge – view from the door to the beach below


June 25th 2017: Salinas Monterey KOA Campground – leaving Big Sur we went into Monterey with one destination being the Monterey Aquarium which is supposed to be excellent.  However, on finding it was going to be $60 just to park plus the entrance fee we decided to give it a miss and head towards our next destination which was San Francisco with a stop on the way at this KOA campground.

How ridiculously tight is that for a site?

Poor internet again and take a look at the pitch size!  Barely room to squeeze in which just seems to be a feature of many of the campgrounds close to any thing popular.    I understand maximising profit but minimising enjoyment is somewhat counter productive.  Add to that the pathetic advertised free wifi – not a great experience.

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  1. J July 6, 2017 at 11:03 am #

    Good to see you back and wondering if it’s worth asking the campgrounds why the wifi is so poor? It really is starting to sound like California is poor value for money reading between the lines, it’s certainly never been the cheapest state in the union though has it.

    • ceejayt July 6, 2017 at 4:03 pm #

      The excuse is always ‘so many people on it’. But if you know that will happen (and of course you do) then buy a bigger pipe. I know 1gb is available in California. Why leave so many people frustrated?
      Went to a pizza place yesterday and took all our de ices in while we ate and used their 2 meg wifi. That’s how I got the post up.

    • ceejayt July 6, 2017 at 5:09 pm #

      However, here is the counter argument…
      The last five nights at Cisco and Yosemite (blogs to follow) we have been welcomed and entertained by two parties of three families who have insisted on feeding us and offering us beer etc and have sat out late chatting round the camp fire which has been great.
      So, California definitely wins most friendly state when the camps are a decent size.


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