End of the trail

June 19th 2017:  Just a couple of things to ‘wrap up’ before we reach the end of Route 66 today.  Firstly, the Hoover Dam which is an amazing piece of engineering.

Tight security at the Dam. We were stopped and the vehicle searched including opening all lockers. Worth the hassle though and goodness knows what the infrastructure damage would be if the dam was ever to be targeted.

Despite the security they welcome visitors with plenty of parking and a visitors centre.  Also, for $10 there was good RV parking.

Parking at Hoover Dam

After which, we made the run into LA to capture the Hollywood sign.  It was a tight and windy road to the top but worth it.  Got a few looks attempting it with our 30 foot vehicle but we didn’t really have any problem.

Finally,  straight on to Santa Monica Pier, the official end of Route 66. Parking at Santa Monica was a mere $50!!!  (Negotiated down from $60 – took pity on me when she saw my face on being told the parking charge).   It was incredibly busy as the photo shows and as much like Blackpool Pier as anywhere else.  Other than, of course, Blackpool doesn’t have the End of the Trail sign.

Busy, busy!

Had to walk that last half mile!

So, we have seen giants, we have visited weird and wonderful museums, caverns, enjoyed meeting many people on the way and built lasting memories.   Route 66 can be ticked off the bucket list and in summary was just a huge treasure hunt every day.

Of course, we have also crossed the US from East to West and the pin map below shows all our stops on the way.

And if you want even more detail, here is the Roadtrippers Map from St Louis to Santa Monica Pier showing the various sites and stopovers we made on this leg of the tour.

Double click on the map to zoom in, shift double click to zoom out. Hover over the markers to see the points of interest…

St Louis to Los Angeles on Roadtrippers

Now we continue with the more normal sightseeing style trip as we head off to San Francisco (route plan here).


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