The Grand Canyon

June 11th 2017:  Yesterday we parked up at the Grand Canyon Railway Hotel and RV Park in Williams Arizona.  Taking the train from Williams to the South Rim is one of the highly recommended ways to spend a day looking at the canyon.  It is a 2 hour 15 minute ride along the 60+ miles to the South Rim.  A bit like visiting the meteor crater  you actually get only a two second glimpse of the canyon just before arriving on the train.  Without a doubt, nothing can prepare you for the sheer enormity of the canyon when, after hopping off the train, you can walk right to the edge and stare down 1 mile and across 10 miles of sheer natural perfection.

The train journey is well worth the price and they keep you fed, watered and also entertained with musicians and various activities including a train robbery by cowboys on horseback on the way home.

The painted desert was amazing.  The canyon is ‘amazing on steroids’.  No photo I could take could possibly communicate the size, immensity, breadth and natural beauty in front of you.  It is more than a 180 degree turn off the head just to take it in.

The South rim is the most popular and touristy area for visiting the canyon.  However, after we have been to Monument Valley in the next couple of days we will return and stay on the much quieter (and 1,000 feet higher) North rim where I hope we might also get some drone footage to better communicate just what an amazing sight this is.

Some pathetic photographic attempts below.  The biggest single problem is trying to give the perception of the depth and breadth of the canyon.

That’s my 14 year old Grandson sat on the edge of a one mile drop freaking me out!

It’s a three and a half hour drive tomorrow to Monument Valley for a two night stay.  We will be in John Wayne and Spaghetti Western territory!

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  1. J June 13, 2017 at 1:08 am #

    Have to write that these are some of the best Grand Canyon photos I’ve seen, very inspiring and well done you.

    • ceejayt June 13, 2017 at 1:52 am #

      That’s very kind!

      I went on a one day photography course prior to this trip and learnt a lot so not taking photos on auto. It’s a Nikon d5300 slr and I am very pleased with it. (Of course, you didn’t see the obese I deleted)!
      I took 82 photos yesterday, the ones on the site are amongst the best. Arrived at Monument Valley and hoping to be able to use the drone before we leave.


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