Petrified Forest and Painted Desert

June 8th 2017:  We travelled the shortest distance of any day (54 miles) for the greatest experience.  I am sure there will be other wow factors on this trip but without doubt, the Petrified Forest National Park has to be on anyone’s bucket list.  It is simply breathtaking, awe inspiring and amazing.

Our $80 Annual National Park Pass we bought at Fort McHenry in Baltimore continues to save us money – free entry to the North entrance of the park just off I 40 Exit 311 where you can also go to the visitors centre and top up your fuel.  After that, it is a slow drive through the park stopping at regular intervals for look outs and well laid out short trail walks the best of which is the Blue Mesa Trail, a two mile hike down into the heart of one of the petrified forest areas with stunning views everywhere.

I have uploaded a series of photographs at this link and popped a couple in this post to whet your appetite.

Petrified Logs into the wilderness


Having entered at the North end of the park, by following the road you exit at the South end where there are a couple of large gift shops which also offer free RV overnighting.  It took a full day to tour the park and walk the trails so we are indeed staying at Crystal Springs Gift Shop – no electric but we have the generator to run the Air Conditioning (essential) and we barbecued sauasage egg and beans so overall a brilliant and tiring day.


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