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RV Companion from Creative Logic is one of my favourite ‘apps’ for the motorhome and I last reviewed it here back in 2015.  If you have been following my posts about my travels along Route 66 such as this one you will have seen some neat ‘pin maps’ showing our camp locations since we started our trip in Baltimore at the beginning of May.  These maps are screen shots from RV Companion. I have included one at the end of this post for interest.

I have used the app mainly as a log for our various trips as this feature of the software works really well.  The app has other neat features for lists, maintenance etc but there were a few bugs that made the app a little less than reliable so I haven’t been using these pending and hoping for an update to the application.

Given the impending upgrade to iOS and various other changes the lack of an update was beginning to concern me as I have a lot of trip and camp information stored so I contacted the authors and received this very positive response tonight.

Hi Chris,

Thank you very much for asking about RV Companion.  We are definitely continuing support for it and have an update that is very close to completion that addresses many items the you and other RVC users have pointed out.  Some of the items include a fix to the categories bug, the ability to select Metric units as well as English, updates to the leveler and flashlight, and the ability to add photo galleries for campsites, trip logs, and the campers and vehicles.

Apple also completely changed their contacts system so we have had to rewrite the code that handles contacts for campgrounds, the camper, and maintenance log.  We’ve also had to add support for some of the new privacy features that Apple has implemented, plus many other smaller items as iOS continues to change. These things are mostly under-the-hood and invisible to the user but we have to deal with them.

Finally, the Dropbox backup feature is based on an older library that is facing a hard cut-off at the end of June. So the goal is to have this update to RVC ready within the next couple of weeks, or by the last week of June at the latest.

This update has been in the works for a long time but unfortunately some other projects got in the way of its completion.  We’re really hoping to keep it moving more often going forward.

Adam Divelbiss, Pres.
Creative Logic Entertainment, Inc.

So, there you have it, from the horses mouth as it were.  Currently they offer a free and a paid version, hopefully that will continue so that people can try it and see how well it works for them.  I. for one, am looking forward to the  update and will review it when I receive it.

Trip Log in Map view from RV Companion



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