Model Trains and Soda for Breakfast

May 29th 2017:  Leaving our lake side spot in Tulsa at Harbor RV Park the first stop was Ollie’s Station Restaurant in Red Fork.   Their speciality, along with a great menu, is a giant model train set running around the entire restaurant plus various train memorabilia adorning every free space – totally mad and wonderful at the same time.  Highly recommended.

Our final destination today would be Arcadia just outside Tulsa, where it is possible to camp by the lake.  We were now closer than “24 hours to Tulsa”!  Would there be giants today?  Of course, there’s always giants on 66!

This giant round barn for starters just outside Arcadia (aptly named The Arcadia Round Barn), built in 1898 and restored in 1992 houses a gift shop and a selection of memorabilia and was well worth a browse.

Next stop, in Chandler, was the gallery of Jerry McCann, the author of the EZ66 Guide for Travellers who offers to autograph your copy if you drop in.  Sadly, it was closed and although he provides a contact number it didn’t seem appropriate to ring on a public holiday.  Tried again the following day but this time his phone was switched off – have to get it autographed another time!

Highlight of the day, without a shadow of a doubt, was Pop’s Soda Ranch, again, just before Arcadia Lake.  They have SEVEN HUNDRED different flavours of soda.  You pick the soda you fancy off the shelf and you can then have it ‘as is’; or turned into an ice cream float (which is what we did).  It was heaving being Memorial Day public holiday so departing after our ‘floats’ we vowed to come back again in the morning for breakfast.  Which we duly did and it was excellent.  The BELT (a BLT with an egg and the Queso Fries are highly recommended).

I guess you would also count this as a GIANT on the route – it looks pretty flash at night as well!


Glass front and rear walls lined with Pop’s Pop bottles

A wall of fizz

Funny how a play on words can sometimes be not a play on words.  We would refer to this soda as ‘pop’.  Of course, their Pop is a person – what a great language we kind of share with the Americans.
Arcadia Lake was unexpectedly busy with the best pitches by the side of the lake either occupied or ‘invaded’ by day picnickers.  However, as we were only staying for one night it didn’t really matter and we found a spot in the shade and bunkered down for the night – looking forward to breakfast at Pops in the morning!

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