Murals, Stonehenge and a Frog

May 23rd 2017: Today brought yet more interesting oddities as we continued to trundle along old Route 66.  Leaving the campground the first stop was Cuba (not the one where the cigars come from), which is known as the City of Murals.  They are literally all over town so, after a Hobbits second breakfast, at Shelley’s  Route 66 diner we took in a few of these rather wonderful paintings.  One example below but you can see many more on this Cuba Murals web page.


Next stop, Fanning, where we rocked up (!) to view this GIANT rocking chair (it doesn’t actually rock by the way).  Also nearby we discovered Bob’s Gasoline Alley – the pictures will give you the idea.


A yard just full of old gasoline memorabilia

The puns get worse I’m afraid as at our next stop we really had to suck it up on a visit to the Vaccuum Museum (free entry!) with a huge collection of said items arranged in decades from 1910 onwards.  My overall impression is that vacuums really haven’t changed that much and there were no Dysons on show!  Perhaps not surprising as the museum is located adjacent to an apparently well known (although I have never heard of them) vaccuum manufacturer.

We flowed swiftly past the giant faucet (just didn’t seem impressive enough compared to the other giants to date) but we did stop at The Big Hillbilly. Who was suitably, well, big.

Now, we may be a long way from England but we weren’t going to let that stop us having a quick stop and photo at a replica Stonehenge (clomehenge? 😊) at Rolla – why? No idea.

The Funk Yard at Uranus (pictured below) automatically prompted the phrase ‘only in America’ – let me try and describe it for you – a fudge shop which has a gun shop in it, a tattoo parlour, a burlesque bar, a London bus, a T Rex and a burger van – what more can I say?  There were some pretty interesting t-shirts on display with double-entendres a plenty to make you blush or smile.

Back to reality (?) as the day was not yet over and before we made camp for the night in Lebanon at an excellent KOA campground  we had also managed to see a GIANT bowling pin (somewhat oddly adjacent to an adult superstore sign) and a GIANT frog which was actually a rock painted as a frog jutting out of the hillside.









But, in closing, the most memorable thing today was the sight of two tortoises attempting (unsuccessfully) to swiftly cross the road.  Don’t worry, they made it just fine,  I can’t think what damage hitting a tortoise might do to the motorhome and what you would have to shell out for repairs!  Enough already with the puns!



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