Friendship Valley Campground

May 11th Friendship Valley Campground: This is a large and very friendly site – they had Guitar Hero at a dollar a go and Bailey blew in about $15!  This would be a terrific site in the summer when they have gospel singers each weekend.  Lived up ti its name and a good choice for the evening.

Leaving here we have three things on ’the menu’ today.  The Giant Coke Bottle’, the ‘Giant Quarter’ and a huge antique flea market in Duncansville PA.  But first we took in a couple of covered bridges.  One bridge perhaps a little easier than the second…

Got to love the old SatNav!

The Giant Quarter in Everett Pennsylvania and the Giant Coke Bottle in Hagerstown were, well, giant..

Annie, pointing out it really is GIANT!

Located above a Coca Cola Bottling Plant

So, a pretty full day all in all and onward we go towards Chicago with still some way to go as even here we are still in Pennsylvania which means we still have to get across Ohio and Indiana before reaching Illinois.  In terms of the outline ‘plan’ we are a few days behind but it should be possible to catch h up.




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