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May 5th to 9th 2017: Only in America do we find the Capitol in the Capital – for those interested, the origin of the words – though similar, is entirely different…

Capital is from capitalis, which means literally “of the head” and in later Latin came to mean “chief” or “principal.” Capitol is from the Capitolium, a hill at the center of ancient Rome that held a fortress and an important temple to the god Jupiter.

Situated about an hour out of Washington this is a popular site.  Around $67 a night so not cheap.  They run a shuttle into Washington for $36 a head – leaves at 9 and returns at 5 dropping you off at the State Capitol (in the Capital)!  We also bought the hop on, hop off bus tour ticket which had a great commentary following a circular route around the city.

We managed two ‘Smithsonians’ – the air and space museum and the American Indian Museum plus the Botanical gardens.  A bit like the Maryland Science Centre the staff at the Air and Space Museum were bored and unhelpful and the Mcdonalds in the Air and Space Museum (supposedly and in appearance one of the largest in the world) was truly appalling – will be letting them have both barrels on trip advisor.

Last post, I mentioned the step up transformer and battery charging being a problem – i.e. every time I tried to pop the charger on it tripped out the electric.  Here at Capitol KOA it hasn’t been the same problem as long as everything is switched on slowly.  i.e. plug in, mains switch on only then battery charger on mains panel, wait for it to kick in, then the remaining two mains power switches.  Not enough power from the transformer to run the charger and say the microwave or coffee machine so in order to do so without tripping at the pole, turn the mains off and all the mains switches on the power board.  In short, it can be made to work so we will leave here with battered on 100% which is good as we may be off the beaten track for a few days.

Not a lot more to say about this site.  A great many big rigs, well looked after, friendly staff.  For a second day in DC we used UBER to go in and out – actually cheaper and more convenient than the KOA shuttle if there are three of you.  Took our Grandson to the International Spy Museum which is excellent and good value for money.  Finished up with a walk to The White House and then to the Lincoln Memorial and back.

As always, you can track our progress here.

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  1. J May 10, 2017 at 3:23 am #

    Enjoyed reading about your Washington visits, your first day with 2 Smithsonians, a bus tour and time to eat left us exhausted just reading it.
    There’s another Lincoln sculpture at the end of the corridor to the left after you buy your tickets at the OKC Cowboy Museum, I think that when viewed from the side it shows even more the weight the man carried guiding America through one of it’s darkest times.

    Is there an upgrade on your step-up transformer that would handle all normal usage? or are the problems due to the power available to you on sites?

    • ceejayt May 10, 2017 at 1:54 pm #

      Thanks again for the tips.
      The transformer is 1.5kva so it is right in the cusp of what works. I guess when it gets ‘stressed’ it trips the pole depending on how sensitive the trip is. Anyway, not a problem overall and certainly worked fine with care at Capitol KOA it just happens that we have a very beefy charger at 1kw that chucks 50 plus amps into the batteries when it is on. Currently in Shenandoah National Park, blog to follow

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