General Ecology – a great company

Our Nature Pure from General Ecology is one of our most used motorhome accessories (see this post here) so it was all a bit of a shock when the excellent motorhome fun forum discovered there had been, shall we say, some shenanigans, in the UK by their distributor whereby incorrect cartridges had been supplied for the system leaving users thinking they had protection against ‘water borne nasties’ when, in fact, they had not.  The detail of that discovery can be found here.

In these days where companies often deny responsibility or obfuscate in the hope that you just give up whining, how refreshing to have this company respond so quickly to the situation.  Having supplied a serial number and cartridge details General Ecology have offered a refund and four additional cartridges as compensation for a situation not totally in their control.  So, just a post to say General Ecology – well done and we will continue to use and appreciate your products in the future.


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