Great American Road Trip

A dream is just a dream, but a goal is a dream with a plan.  Not sure who said that but it is true enough and our plan to tour North America for the best part of next year is coming together.  We have 34 weeks available and I have spent some time mapping out distances and places to see in order to find out just what can be achieved in this space of time.  Leaving end of January and returning end of September, how far can we go?

Well, here is the answer in terms of a map and the roughly 14,000 miles we intend to cover in that time.

The Tour

Ambitious? Yes.  Possible? Definitely.  Serious activity starts in October when I get back from my charity walk with visas and shipping to organise plus a hundred things I haven’t thought of yet.  As things progress I will keep the blog updated with the good, the bad and the ugly.  Right now, I have dates, shipping costs and some visa information, lots to do.



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