Modern Day Hay Box

Mr D Thermal CookerNow, I would have to admit, over the years I have purchased numerous kitchen type gadgets for the motorhome with very little success.  They always look so good when they are being demonstrated (cheese grater – used it once, threw it away, bacon grilling thing that worked on a hob – used it once – in a box in the motorhome garage somewhere and trust me, the list goes on).

So, having chosen not to have a conventional oven in the motorhome (see this blog) and only a Dometic Microwave Grill we really did want something that would enable us to make great meals easily and so we happened upon Mr D’s Thermal Cooker and we love it!  It literally does what it says on the tin (stainless steel actually).  In simple terms, whack in the ingredients for a soup, a chilli or a casserole into the internal pot and heat it on the hob.  After it is thoroughly hot right through, place it in the container, close the lid and after 3 to 4 hours (or longer if you wish) your meal awaits.

Basically, it is a slow cooker but no additional electricity required.  It loses about 3 degrees centigrade per hour so after 6 or 7 hours your soup is still piping hot.  There is a cook book for a variety of sweet and savoury recipes and a series of You Tube videos but if you can use a slow cooker then you already know what you are doing.  Highly recommended and more detail at this link.


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