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Flat bed Toaster

Flat bed Toaster

Great gadget – great price!  We were looking for a toaster for the motorhome preferably with low wattage and easy to get out and put away.  I had never even seen or heard of a flat bed toaster but here it is doing a few crumpets at just 600 watts.  It’s quick, easy and very small to pop away, and the best bit, it was only £18.99 including delivery!  Check them out on Amazon (Great ideas Mains Operated Flat Toaster) you will see a range of prices up to £20 – you need to shop around.

A great quote from Terry Pratchett RIP : “They don’t go in for the fancy or exotic, but stick to conventional food like flightless bird embryos, minced organs in intestine skins, slices of hog flesh and burnt ground grass seeds dipped in animal fats; or, as it is known in their patois, egg, sausage, bacon and a fried slice of toast.”

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  1. Eddie Strong/ Organplayer. May 3, 2016 at 8:13 am #

    Well, auva noo idea. Looks interesting. May pppswayde mabagement to git uz one.
    Hope yu iz boff wwelll and nnoo home on weels iz goin ggrate.

    Bbbrest wishes. EdLyn. (I iz still tinkling the ivories. Dun a concert or two)

    • ceejayt May 3, 2016 at 8:16 am #

      Great to hear from you young man. Give our love to management!

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