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Huawei B315

Huawei B315

It has taken a little bit of messing about to get things wired up and working ‘just so’ but as I sit here writing this blog in the middle of the Yorkshire Dales with internet via satellite supplied by RoadPro, fed to my MotorhomeWifi supplied Huawei B315, which is in turn creating a wireless network inside the vehicle, I am more than a little pleased.

In fact, two of us are both accessing the internet and there is little or no detectable latency and we have even been using iPlayer and ITV Hub for a bit of catch up TV watching.  So, what’s the set up?

On the advice of Andy Harris at Roadpro we have a Crystop Auto Sat2S with auto skew ( I posted an earlier blog on this here and a follow up here).  Setting the controller for Internet On it tunes into Astra 3 for internet and simultaneously supplies us with TV from Astra 2.  The satellite is self seeking and once you know how it works (which did take a phone call to RoadPro) literally just press the button and be patient for maybe a minute.  Whilst Roadpro supplied the satellite kit, it was fitted as part of the vehicle build by RS Motorhomes and there was a mix up on the wiring which ended up with only 12v supply to the modem and it needed an 18 volt power pack which meant adding an inverted socket in the cupboard all of which was done without fuss on a trip back to the factory.

Crystop Panel

Crystop Panel

Internet access is not cheap.  I am paying £60 per month for a 6Mb unlimited connection from Broadband Everywhere.  However, packages do start from as little as £15 per month for a 2MB download with 2GB data limit.   Speed test via the wifi seems to indicate 5 down and 5 up but I am not sure how accurate that is.  To get it up and running initially was a phone call, a debit card for the initial payment (then on to direct debit), give them the serial number from the box, turn on and wait 20 minutes.  Voila.

The modem for the satellite only has one ethernet out so a wireless router would be needed to create a completely wireless environment inside the vehicle.  I had also purchased from Adam at Motorhome WiFI a Huawei B315 unit for use with a 3 at home card for when we did not have internet.  This was mainly for when driving as the satellite, of course, only works when stationary and we wanted to be able to use WiFI for things like Google Maps and Wikipedia when on the move.  I would like to say I planned it but I didn’t.  I thought it might work and Adam confirmed straight back on email that the Huawei has four ports on the back, one of which is a Lan/Wan port.  So, connect ethernet cable from satellite modem to Huawei Lan/Wan and hey presto, a wireless network available throughout the vehicle and outside in the awning.

To the right of the photo the satellite controller and modem

To the right of the photo the satellite controller and modem. To the left, an iBoost, all cupboard mounted.

On the ‘entertainment’ side we have a Bush Freesat box with 1TB drive, a Samsung surround sound amplifier with integrated DVD and a 32″ Samsung Smart TV (also connected to the wireless network).  The surround sound supplies two front and two back speakers plus a sub woofer installed behind the sofa.  There is a second Samsung TV in the rear bedroom hooked up to the Freesat and DVD player.

All in all, worth the effort and a plan that came together (even if some of it wasn’t planned)!

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