I must be cuckoo…

Neatly mounted in pride of place.

Neatly mounted in pride of place.

I am sure my wife thinks so, I really like cuckoo clocks, so why not have one in the motorhome?  I am pretty sure if we are parked up with other motorhomes then I am safe to say “I bet we are the only ones here with a cuckoo clock”.

If you also like cuckoo clocks and want to visit the one and only cuckoo clock museum in the UK (as well as having several hundred clocks, they also sell and repair cuckoo clocks) then Cuckooland not far from Chester (see map below) is the one for you.  Plenty of room for parking as they have a large car park and fairly wide entrance.  Run by two brothers who are nearing retirement you do need to phone before you go to make sure they are open.

The entrance is on a dual carriageway so if you are on the wrong side of the road drive past and there is a roundabout and catch the entrance on the way back.

FAQ’s: Yes, you can turn the cuckoo off at night; yes, we have to take it down when we travel but it just hangs on a screw; yes, I bought the bear mascot as well!  The clock was about £100 and keeps reasonably good time.


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