Britstop 154 (2015)

Wet and scruffy car park

Wet and scruffy car park

Date of stay: 8th January 2016 We really do generally enjoy Britstops, the whole idea is terrific and just that bit more certain and also varied than the generic but excellent pub stopovers site.  However, this particular stop was not the greatest.  Advertised as a pub/restaurant the driveway and  entrance and car park were very badly pot holed and the whole site was worse than scruffy.

The ‘pub’ was more like a very small working mens club and very much a ‘mans’ pub.  There was no food despite it being a Friday night and if there had been I doubt we would have eaten it.  Just not one we would ever stay at again and completely contrary to the description in the book.  That said, this must be the first really bad review I have ever given of one of their stopovers so it is very much the exception to the rule.

As always, the map marker is approximate being a Britstop.

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