App Review #11 RV Companion

IMG_0315I just came across this great app the other day on iOS.  It comes in both a free and paid version with the paid version adding some additional features.

This is definitely one of the neatest and best implemented apps for motor homing and has been well crafted so it ‘works as expected’ within the interface.  So, what does it do?  Lots….

Quick feature run down:

To Do: Creaste categorised To Do lists with your own category names e.g. things to do before you leave home – these are tick lists for you to check off.

Camps: Excellent feature allows you to keep a note of your favourite camp sites with sections for contact details, amenities, notes and nearby attractions plus you can rate the sites with your own star rating.  What is particularly neat is that this integrates to..

Trip Log: In this section you can record dates of stays and for each location you can use a map interface to plot the precise location.  From the main Trip Log screen you can display a Map and zoom in and out to see the campsites visited.  You can also sort the Trip Log by Name, Date or Location.

RV Info: Covers off basic information about your van such as weight and height, tyre pressures and contact information for servicing etc.

Procedures: Is probably best described as an advanced to do list.  It is used when you wish to make a list of

To Do List

To Do List

things you wish to do in a specific order e.g. when packing up the van to go home you might want to turn off the elctric, then disconnect the water, then turn off the gas etc.  You can tick off as you go and then at the bottom you can click to simply ‘reset’ the list ready for next time.  Procedures can contain many individual procedures each with multiple steps.

Leveler: Provides a spirit level – available in other apps but nice to have it within the app.

Flashlight: Not sure how many people would use this given it is a standard feature on the iPhone but it might be used on the iPad.

The whole app has helpful hints and tips throughout which you can turn on and off.

How might it be improved?  This is a well engineered app that is professionally presented.  When you look at the other apps created by this author, ‘CreativeLogic’ none of them are travel related, seem to be all games.  I am guessing someone in the business is an RV’er and decided to write a nice app – might be wrong, but they have done a good job.  However, it would be great to see the following:

  • Ability to clear down the To Do list similar to the Procedures list
  • A Maintenance schedule Tab which is date driven – this would be the single biggest omission in this App.
  • The App backs up to Dropbox – a wish would be that you could sync through Dropbox making multiple devices easier to work with
  • Duplicate the ‘Trip Log’ with a ‘Trip Planner’ tab – ability to add previous camp sites to the Trip Planner and add new sites that may be visited and when visited pop them back into the Trip Log
  • Not a ‘biggy’ but metric as well as imperial would be a good addition to Options

Pros:  Easy to use, great camp and trip log features with integrated maps.

Cons: Not many, lacks some key features I would like to see as mentioned above.  I hope they get sufficient interest in the paid version to continue to improve the app.






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