Grilled Baked or Toasted?

As promised when discussing Layout Decisions in a previous blog, I said I would be talking about some of the other equipment items we would be choosing to also help us maximise available space.  They won’t be for everyone I am sure but they suit our lifestyle and requirements which is the primary consideration.

The great thing about buying a vehicle from RS Motorhomes is that you can designing practically everything you would like within reason (and, of course, cost).  For example, a simple decision for us was that we would like a free-standing table, not, as we had in the previous vehicle, an oval table on a pole which could slid backwards and forwards.  Why?  Simply because with a free standing table you get TWO major benefits.  Firstly, it is away when travelling which means it is out of the way which just creates loads more space for moving around the vehicle.  Secondly, when parked up somewhere nice, you can take that free standing table out of the van and use it as your outside table.  Saves on space and is inevitably a better more solid table than the average camping affair. A stow away position for a free standing table has ben designed in by RS.

Domestic Two Burner Hob

Domestic Two Burner Hob

Next up, the galley, or as I would prefer to call it, the kitchen!!  Hobs, ovens and all that jazz: we had the benefit of an almost domestically sized oven and 4 burner cooker in the previous vehicle – all one unit.  Preparation space always seems to be limited in the kitchen area – always closing some lid or other to create enough space to dish up the beans.

Ask yourself this question – how many burners have you actually used at the same time on your big four burner hob?  My wife was pretty emphatic – that would be just two.  If the answer is two then why have more than a two burner hob?  So that is what we have opted for.  Net result is more kitchen worktop space.

The next item I am particularly excited about because I just think it is a great idea.  In our last motorhome we gave up one cupboard space for a microwave.  The grill and oven took up an entire slot in the kitchen.  So, our next major kitchen decision was to go with the new Dometic MW 13 combination microwave, oven and grill.  Not only is this one complete appliance less to take up space, it also will leave a good sized cupboard available where previously the cooker would have stood.

So there you have it.  Not to everyone’s taste (pardon the pun) I am sure but works for us.

Combination Microwave Oven and Grill from Dometic

Combination Microwave Oven and Grill from Dometic



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