Online Time All The Time – Part Two

Yesterday’s blog focused on Satellite Internet.  Why would we need anything more than this?  Haven’t we spent enough already?  Because our planned travels from 2017 onwards will include hopefully leaving these shores for North (and possibly even South) America, satellite internet alone is not going to be the complete answer.  Thankfully, WiFi and roaming 3g and 4G are international standards and should fill all the other gaps as well as deal with giving us a signal when we are actually rolling along.

Enter stage left, Adam from Motorhome WiFi.  Adam has been around for some time now and Motorhome WiFi has becoime a trusted supplier in the motorhome arena with a good range of products, in particular the iBoost system.  I had looked at this system previously but never liked the temporary nature of the set up whereby you would attach an antenna with suckers to a window to obtain your long range wifi signal.  In fact, I have been talking to Adam and they have been working on a fixed roof mounted antenna for at least a couple of years: and finally, I am delighted to say, they have one.

iBoost Roof Antenna

iBoost Roof Antenna

Long range wifi, whatever the country, is an excellent and cheap method of getting online.  The supplied router also means all your devices (and we have several – two Macbooks, two iPhones and three iPads for starters) can connect to one wireless access point positioned in your vehicle.

iBoost Router

iBoost Router

The aerial connects to a neat router housed inside a cupboard inside the vehicle and Adam will even programme in an SSID of your choice.  There have been many excellent reviews of the iBoost system so I am content this will be a real winner for us.

So, satellite, tick, long range wifi, tick – but when neither of those are available and perhaps you even want access on the move (which would be nirvana) then one more solution is required, again supplied by Motorhome WiFi which is a roof mounted 3G/4G Antenna and a router to incorporate a SIM card for data access.  It does add the complication of getting PAYG data sims for each country visited but it is the final piece in the jigsaw puzzle and I feel that beyond this little lot, I can do no more.

4G-Roof Antenna

4G Roof Antenna

The roof antenna is connected to a second Huawei router  This Huawei kit is described as being commercial grade and again I am hopeful this will be a robust piece of equipment for long term use.  Each router (3G and long range wifi) requires a small power supply and all of this kit should be able to be installed neatly inside one cupboard ready to switch on and use as and when.  An imminent visit to RS Motorhomes who are in the early stages of the build of the new vehicle will be to decide just where all this kit will be installed.

Huawei-B890-4G Router

Huawei-B890-4G Router

All of the equipment mentioned in this blog should be available to view on the RS Motorhomes stand at the NEC show in October if you fancy seeing it in the flesh as the vehicle will be on display there before we take delivery a week or so after.  I should also mention that I have no financial or other interest in any of the products promoted in this and the previous blog.  If they don’t work. you will hear about it!

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