Final Thoughts on Nova Scotia

All good (and bad) things must come to an end. Below is our overall route in our RV in Nova Scotia, around 1400Km in the week. Fair amount of driving and not enough time to stay in any one place for an extended ‘gander’. However, a brilliant introduction to that coast of Canada that deserves so much more time than our paltry visit allowed.
We learnt things, the people are great and the countryside amazing. Hiring an RV probably not the right decision for us but don’t let us put you off. We will be back and we will be in our own vehicle. It is just a matter of time.


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Do you play this game at the end of a holiday, ‘best ofs”?

E.g Best breakfast? Best view?, Best place?

Well, here’s ours for Nova Scotia:
Best lobster dinner, Hideaway Campground.
Best campground – Murphys Cove a clear winner
Best view has to be Bay of Fundy
Best tourist experience – our unexpected trip to Black Rocks near Lunenburg.
Best museum was Alexander Graham bell in Baddeck.
Best sign, ‘Proud to be hookers’ Cheticamp.

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