New Stopovers from Britstops

BritStops2Wow, 60 additional pages of stopovers just dropped into my email inbox from Britstops.  This is becoming an amazing resource at a very cheap price even if printing out 60 pages so they are handy feels a bit on the hard work side.  Hopefully they will reach a point where there are so many locations an annual update will do or they can arrange a website view and search facility.  As ever, keeping these locations secret to members is important and also Britstops has to maintain its revenue stream in order to keep going.

My wife’s business is a Britstop in Harrogate which has had quite a few visitors of late (especially with the Tour de France) and just a note from her that the majority of people do pop in and say hello when they rock up but there is still a minority who don’t and makes her feel ever so slightly cross.  So, please pop in and say hello at all those Britstops, just because it is a shop doesn’t mean you have to buy anything!


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