Alderstead Heath CC Site

Alderstead HeathDate of Stay 22nd May 2014:  Good old Caravan Club, does what it says on the tin.  Stayed over the night before going to Big Church Day Out.  Very friendly, they even have a bus service that runs from the site.  SatNav users BEWARE! You need to follow the route advised on the CC Website otherwise you will find yourself in a very narrow lane (see below).

The site is very pretty and easy access to London via public transport.  Quite a large number of American RV’s on site including a couple of triple slide out monsters.  The facilities for waste and water etc matched the requirements of these RV’s.  Friendly staff and very helpful.


The CC site directions are below, just in case, click to enlarge.

Alderstead Heath Directions

Click to Enlarge

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