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HP 470 WBT Printer

HP 470 WBT Printer

I last blogged about this printer in 2012 and thought I would give you an update as tonight, I was impressed.  This HP Officejet H470 Bluetooth printer was originally purchased by me in 2011.  It has been to the Sahara and back, up and down Swiss Alps, Pyrenees and across the North Sea.  It’s been bumped around and stuffed under a pile of bedding and I can now officially say it ‘takes a licking and keeps on ticking’.

I urgently needed to print out around 30 pages tonight.  I hadn’t used the printer in well over a year and found it stuck away in the back of a locker cupboard.  Surely, the ink would have long since dried up and I knew I had no spare cartridges.  I need not have feared, thirty full colour pages delivered in double quick time.  Now discontinued, the replacement model looks fully featured, the HP OfficeJet 100 Mobile Printer at around £179.

I have just ordered some spare cartridges ‘just in case’ for when I need to print something in another year or so!  Well done HP for a robust piece of kit and I hope the new model is equally as long lasting.


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