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P9122130.JPGThere has been a bit of controversy over the latest Desert Detours tour to the East of Morocco with some very harsh exchanges on Motorhome Facts.  I had so many great pictures of our time in Morocco and Andalusia with Ray and the team that it was hard to choose.  Given the flavour of the debate I thought a picture of the motorhomes together might be the most appropriate.

I just wanted to put on record here what I said in the forum and there are always two sides to a story.  Please feel free to contact me for an honest assessment of all three tours we have been on:

So, we have been on three DD tours, twice to Morocco and lately to Andalusia (with organplayer). We very much enjoyed the first and the tird trips, the second trip was spoilt by a somewhat abrasive Motorhomers who just could not be satisfied with anything we did, when we did it, who we did it with. He ended up nearly busting a blood vessel and unfortunately spoiled it for others (my wife for one) As far as the tours are concerned I would say they pretty much deliver what they promise. As for Ray, he is best described as marmite, you are either going to love him or hate him, he has a never ending store of stories and anecdotes and to be honest, doesn’t seem to have a bad bone in his (somewhat ageing – sorry Ray) body. 

On our first trip they definitely under promised and over delivered, the second trip had a bit too much mileage for my liking and the third trip was well thought out and had spectacular views with good sites. 

Your 1900 euros is not for the camp sites or even really the ferries, you are paying for the knowledge – the intellectual property involved in putting together a trip in a country that can be fraught with difficulties when you go off the beaten track. 

My advice, if you go on a DD tour, let go of the control, relax and see what happens. I spend loads of time planning when we go away – it is brilliant to just have two or three weeks when someone else takes all that hassle away, wake up in the morning, someone tells you where to go and get on with the day. 

Sorry some of you seem to have had a bad experience, I guess it happens.

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