Andalusia Detours

Andalusia Detours

Andalusia Detours is the sister operation to Desert Detours run by Ray Monteith Smith and his wife Debbie is dedicated to giving clients ‘a feel’ for Andalusia outside of the usual big tourist areas like the Alhambra Palace at Granada. We have previously done two Moroccan tours with Ray and didn’t have much hesitation n signing up when this new tour was announced and indeed we have been on the very first ‘outing’ for this new venture.
It has been a great holiday that started with a meet up at Malaga Monte Parc. In deference to Ray and Debbie I am going to post short reviews of each visit but NOT In the order they occurred and not always with the exact campsite name or location. The reviews will appear over the next couple of weekd and will be followed by a final review of the tour as a whole. As always, enjoy!


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