App Review #9 FollowMee

iPhone Display

iPhone Display

FollowMee available for iOS and Android

Cost: £2.49 to £5.49

Requires Internet Connection: Yes

(but only for data upload which can be done later as data is stored offline)

What a great App which turns you phone into a tracker and enables you to share your track and location with friends and family. The photo shows a quick view on the phone of our trip from Granada to Malaga Monte Parc. Each point can be clicked on to highlight precise date, time and co-ordinates.
Set up is minimal, load the app, create an account with FollowMee and sign in. The App runs continuously and at a chosen interval uploads your location to the FollowMee servers. This can then be viewed by you and chosen friends or publicly via any web browser with options to see current location or movements and tracks over time. .
One of the options is also for geo-fencing – this is where you set off an alert if the device goes beyond a certain distance from a known location. One of the uses if this would be to track a child with a Phone or an iPod – making sure they were where they said they were going to be. Once installed and running it can be protected by a pin code and not switched off. As long as the device s on, it is beng tracked. Ths function obviously extends to beng a vehicle tracker and advice s given on how to set this up in the application
The App comes in two versions, Standard and Deluxe. I opted for deluxe for the extra features and still good value at £5.49

The image below shows the more detailed view and options when running in a web browser including selecting dates and times and the ability to publicly share your location if you wish

Browser view of FollowMee

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