Britstops 513 Organic Farm Shop

Quiet Spot

Quiet Spot – click to enlarge

Date of Stay 10th May: This is a handy stop about 4 miles West of the M1 near Nottingham. It is an organic farm shop and incidentally also a CL but a Britstop is, of course, free overnight. We arrived very late, around 10pm, to find the gates to the car park shut but not locked. The car park is on a steep slope but driving down to their bottom exit gate gave us a great level piece of ground to park on and tuck up for the night.
The farm shop opens at 10am and as always,with no intention of buying anything we spent about £25 on bits and bats of very delicious jams, asparagus, mushrooms and the most amazing organic cheese.
Very friendly and not at all bothered by our late arrival and appearance on their driveway in the morning. Recommended for a stopover on the way South or North. We were looking forward to a very up and down weekend as we were on our way to a Yo Yo convention in Birmingham sponsored by Butterfingers.


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