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MMM Cover May 2013

MMM Cover May 2013

Followers of the blog will remember this post in which I explained I had written to MMM complaining about the lack of support for (indeed denial of)  British A Class manufacturers.  That post was at the end of August 2012.  However, everything come to he who waits.  I just received my digital iPad May edition of MMM and find myself and my A class on page 167 in glorious technicolour.  So, if you want to know what it has been like ‘Living with an RS A Class Elysian for the past three years cop a copy and have a read.

My thanks to MMM for publishing the article and to Rachel Stothert for being so immediately responsive to my letter.  I can eat my words now (although an iPad is a bit crunchy I guess).

As an aside, the digital edition of MMM on the iPad has been further improved and is great to use and for me at least, preferable to the paper edition.  See my earlier post.  I will update that review shortly.  Next stop is Legoland Windsor in the motorhome with two of the grandchildren.


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