Manhattan Freesat HD Satellite Receiver

Manhatta Freesat HD

Manhatta Freesat HD

On my recent visit to Roadpro (see Current Affairs ) I also asked for advice on replacement of my Micro M150 HD Satellite receiver.  Although it had worked reasonably well I had found it oft times frustrating with very poor EPG and downright laborious to tune in channels.  In short, just plain hard work.  The guys at Roadpro tested out the old receiver and agreed that even after retuning it simply wasn’t picking up channels as it should.  Time for a change.

They suggested I upgrade to a Manhattan Plaza HD-S Freesat receiver.  I won’t bore you with the technical details, they can be found on the Roadpro site right here.  I am concerned only with the user experience and that, I have to say, so far is terrific.  It’s a very short term test of a few local outings but during the summer we will be travelling to Southern Spain and along with my RoadPro In Motion SatDome I will giving both pieces of kit a thorough try-out.

The current set up in the RS is two 22″ 720p HD TVs, one is a motorised drop down in the living area and the second a fixed installation in the bedroom.  In one of the high level cupboards and fed from an inverter is what I refer to as the Boys Toys cupboard.  In the next post, I will describe the total set up which involves a Mac Mini and HDMI splitter to complete the entertainment complex.

Back to the Manhattan:  Installation could not have been easier, out with the old and in with the new.  Fire up the dome, adjust the settings for the TV and auto tune the channels.  In terms of ease of use this receiver is excellent.  One of the best features is it’s ability to automatically adjust its own settings when channels change.  All you need to do is choose BBC1 – you don’t care what channel that might be on.  So, it really is set it up and forget it.  It’s very low power, less than 1 watt on standby.  Although you can probably buy the unit a little cheaper somewhere like eBay, satellite can be a bit of a mystery so for the extra few quid for the unit (it was £104.99 less 5% MHF Member discount), they made no charge for changing and installing it and showed me how to get the best from it.  Overall verdict: Very Pleased




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