Ice Cream Sunday

Date of stay: 26th January 20103: We stayed over night at Britstops 715 Ice cream parlour (see earlier post Ice cream with a View) .  A wild, windy and wet night but we were cosy enough tucked up in the car park beside the barn.    Britstops is, of course, free.  But £35 later our freezer was packed full of ice cream for the grandchildren for when we got home. Oh, and gravy ice cream for the dog as well.  Plus, we had to have ice cream for breakfast just to show willing.  Suitably replete, we headed off to spend the Sunday at Fountains Abbey and parked at the new visitors centre at Studley Royal.

Studley Water Gardens

Studley Water Gardens

Studley is an epic place to visit at any time of the year, but just magical in the snow.  We realised just how long it had been since our last visit here because the last time we came, there was no visitors centre.  This National Trust site can be accessed ‘from both ends’.  There is a car park at the Fountains Abbey entrance and also at the Studley Royal end of the site.  We chose the Studley Royal entrance because it is easier access from a wider main road for our 30′ ‘van.  Parking is ample and completely free.  The coach park was closed on the day we visited but we had no problem parking and even managed to get the slide outs out before setting off for a walk down through the Abbey and back through the estate.  A reasonable round trip walk if a bit hilly getting back up towards the visitor centre.  Entrance to the Abbey and water gardens is, of course, free to NT members.  There is the usual shop with NT bits and bats plus a restaurant and tea rooms.

We had a brilliant day and once again can only praise the National Trust for making access so easy and no fuss over parking our motorhome for the day. Not a jobsworth in sight.  We will be back again before long I am sure.  The Trust offers terrific value and once again, a great place to park up and settle down for the day.  You can also see the reviews of Baddesley Clinton, Wallington House   and Calke Abbey from this link.

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