Britstops 715 Ice Cream with a view

I woke up to this view

December 15th 2012: Britstops – you gotta love ’em!  Day out at Xscape Castleford in the motorhome with just me and two of the boisterous grandchildren.  Having melted the credit card, where better to go to stay overnight than an ice cream shop at a farm on a freebie?  Big open car park, we arrived around 8pm, there were no gates and no fuss.  We just pitched up and parked and the boys fell asleep watching a movie.  Okay, so we were woken up by a deranged cockerel and a flock of geese at 7am – who cares?  Apparently there is also a manic donkey that often wakes the visitors but we weren’t blessed with that.   Terrific ice cream including gravy bone flavour which we took home for the dog (my grandson also tried it and assured me it was great – I didn’t try it).  Sorry, as usual, no specific location – you have to be in it to win it!

Two Happy Boys

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