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RS Enterprise New Look Front End

The Enterprise (AKA Elysian) has been back to Mission Control (AKA RS Motorhomes in Goldthorpe) for its annual service.  They have made some improvements to the A Class since mine originally rolled off the production line in 2010 an they kindly carried those through and implemented them on my vehicle.  The Generator received a new exhaust pipe to prevent issues with the air filter and it had a general tickling up including them dealing with the odd scuffs and scratches I manage to collect on a regular basis driving a vehicle this size into some very tight corners.  The biggest change however was to the lights at the front which previously had plastic covers to protect the lighting system.  The issue was that however hard you tried dust (and Moroccan sand in particular) tended to accumulate inside them and it was fiddly (and annoying) to remove them and put them back.

The picture at the left shows the ‘new look’, with the plastic covers removed and the lighting surrounds in black.  All looks very neat compared to the ‘old version’ which you can see below.  I have to say, I like it.


Old Style Front End

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