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iPad, Hover bar and CoPilot

10 Inch SatNav Anyone?

Now this is just brilliant!  Three of my very favourite ‘gadgets’ used in my favourite vehicle. I recently acquired a Hover Bar for my iPad 3, this is manufactured by Twelve South and can be purchased at any Apple Store.  I really wanted something sturdy enough to semi-permanently mount in the motorhome so that I […]

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How did those get there?

Fungus the Bogey Man

OK, I don’t mean to be funny but just how did THOSE get THERE?  Several feet off the ground and actually not that long since the vehicle was thoroughly cleaned and polished.  They are literally growing off the side of the motorhome, and I don’t think they are even edible so they have no useful […]

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Rudding Holiday Park

Rudding Park Bonfire Night

Didn’t set us alight I’m afraid.  Date of stay 2nd and 3rd November.  OK, so the grandchildren enjoyed it but as an autumn stop it was expensive (£47) for two nights, cramped (couldn’t swing a cat between vans) and very muddy (can’t blame them for the weather).  At night much of the street lighting was […]

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Well drained and firm grassy area

No Snipes about Snape

Date of Stay October 27th 2012: Lovely overnight stay at Castle Mill Inn in Snape tonight.  Extremely friendly staff and locals in a very picturesque village just outside Bedale in North Yorkshire.  The entry is down a narrow side road with a turn into the pub car park which leads through to the paddock which is […]

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