NEC Show and finally

NEC Show 2012: And finally…

Truma Vega

My gizmo of the show and also because it has been promised for so long (years) and has finally arrived.  The Truma Vega system – turns gas into electricity to keep those batteries charged and competes with products like the Efoy.  I lke the concept of the Efoy but the ethanol transportation, purchase etc is a little off putting.  The Truma Vega would just sit in the background doing the job all day long.

It looks like a great piece of kit but two issues for me: wow, it’s quite a hefty size, where am I going to put that? And, wow, at 6000 euros that’s quite a hefty price, where am I going to find that?

Still, thumbs up to Truma for sticking with it and finally delivering.  Definitely something to be considered next time around perhaps.

That’s my NEC roundup complete and hopefully your feet are not too worn out from the last 7 posts.  I finished the day by having a couple of beers on the RS stand and have to say it was a thoroughly enjoyable day all round.  next year, note to self to book earlier to get a camping space at the show.

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