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Dometic Stand

 NEC Show october 2012: Feet tired yet?  I am now on the Dometic stand where I want to tackle two product problems.  Our fridge freezer generates a great deal of condensation on the control panel.  So much so, that last year the panel blew when we were in Holland.  We realised this as we got off the ferry in Rotterdam and couldn’t switch the fridge back on.  Fortunately, Dometic’s main spares and repairs centre is in Rotterdam and we were able to drive there where they spent several hours trying to work out what was wrong and did eventually fix it.  They advised us that we need to use the heating element regularly (small button on the panel causes a heater round the door seal to operate) and this would make sure it didn’t reoccur.  Yes, it sounedd weird to me too.

Anyway, the problem has continued with the panel generally being very wet so I collared the nearest Dometic man to discuss it.  He told me that it was  a known and acknowledged problem and one they could fix for me.  He gave me the contact details for a local agent who would visit and carry out the work FOC.  Terriffic.

At that point I think he thought he had dealt with me but I had my toilet up my sleeve (not literally you understand).  We specified at the time of building our RS a new ceramic bowl toilet and we also got two cassettes to make sure we could be off the grid for a good long while if we needed to.  But we have a problem with flushing the toilet – pulling out the blade has rapidly become a two handed job – it is a very stiff mechanism.  I explained that I had done some research and it was a known problem and funnily enough another couple listening to our conversation chimed in that they had exactly the same problem.  We looked at the toilet in question on the stand and you could pull out the blade with one finger.  He told me I could ask the Dometic repair man to fix that too.

Thank you Dometic – 5 star service if they follow through.

My final post tomorrow about the NEC will be for my gadget of the show…

You can now find out what happened following my visit to Dometic

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